Christening - Naming Ceremony Singer  

If the answer is ‘yes’, you have come to the right place.

Singing is a wonderful art for marking ‘beginnings’, like those mentioned above. Through singing it is possible to create a place for heaven and earth to meet and make your celebration unique and uplifting. With moments full of peace, wonder, beauty, deep joy or jubilation, perfect for a Baptism, Christening, or Name Ceremony. Because of all this, having a Celebration Singer can be something which everyone who attends will talk about for a long time to come.

Christening - Naming Ceremony Singer

Christening - Naming Ceremony Singer

I am a classical trained vocalist with many years performing both in large cathedrals, - Chartres, Salisbury, Gloucester. Also Malmesbury Abbey and many other wonderful churches of all sizes. Tiny churches, such as those in Wales, are places where the atmosphere can be very intimate and wonderful too. Equally I appreciate singing in the beautiful Matara Centre (Kingscote, Gloucestershire), and in Inns, Pubs, Homes, as well as performing outside in nature.

I have a large and varied repertoire and will always do my best to accommodate your wishes on choice of repertoire and style of performance. I will also be delighted to help select the music most suited to your special occasion, its location and venue.

Should you wish to hire additional musicians, - I can put you in touch with other professional instrumentalists & singers.

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